A Visionary Concept

The New University Cooperative represents a new approach to higher education. We will adequately equip post-secondary graduates to play a positive role in helping to create a world that is just and sustainable. Today young people are often told they must seek post-secondary education in ...

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Cooperative Governance

The New University is incorporated as a solidarity cooperative, allowing the organisation to take an innovative approach to the delivery of higher education, with the objective of removing many of the conventional barriers to university that face marginalised individuals and communities. The Cooperative structure enables students, staff, faculty, and community members...

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Innovative Curricula

  A NUC education blends practical and theoretical knowledge with community engagement, spirituality, advocacy and research, seeking the betterment of human relationships with the natural world and with each other. Over the course of 2011, the NUC will be developing templates for an undergraduate and graduate degree program, leading up to the...

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New University Cooperative

The New University Cooperative (NUC) is a grassroots organisation of students, academics, activists, and professors from across Canada. Our purpose is to create a institution for higher education in Canada which is affordable, accessible to the marginalized, and devoted to protecting and sustaining our earth.

Humanity is faced with a series of great challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and growing social inequality. The New University Cooperative seeks to create a space where individuals can learn skills and gain knowledge to assist them in bringing about a sustainable and social just future.

Over the past few years we have held several national meetings, organized lectures and presentations, hosted two symposiums and a short course summer programme, fundraised thousands of dollars, and shared hundreds of e-mails.

The next two years are an exciting time for the New University Cooperative, with the inaugural campus set to open by 2013, as according to our five year plan. We are developing a template for an undergraduate and graduate degree program, and completing financial planning for this first campus. Would you like to help the cooperative with the planning? Please click here.

Please browse this website to find out more about our story, our governance structure, read our latest news, and become a member.

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